Evolving Decay

Crafting 'The Last of Us' Trailer

In our "The Last of Us" trailer, we explored themes of decay and renewal using mycorrhizal imagery. Through animation, we depicted the unseen yet ubiquitous presence of these fungi. Layering multiple images, we created a dark, earthy atmosphere, symbolizing the delicate balance between life and decay in the game's world.


In our latest trailer for "The Last of Us," we embarked on a creative journey to visually capture the essence of decay and renewal. Drawing inspiration from the game's thematic elements, we focused on the transformative lifecycle of mushrooms and fungi.

Through meticulous animation, we depicted the rapid growth, expansion, and eventual demise of these organic forms. Layering multiple images of mushrooms, we created a dense, textured landscape that exuded an aura of darkness, earthiness, and subtle decay.

By blending sped-up sequences of mushroom growth and decay, we seamlessly intertwined themes of life and death, mirroring the post-apocalyptic world of "The Last of Us." The result is a haunting trailer teeming with life, yet tinged with the inevitability of decay.