Thank you for following along this far - You are quite simply awesome!
This is a collection of more small animations I've made.


This GoogleDoodle was created as part of the entry exam for Visual Communication and Interactive Design at the Danish Media & Journalism School. 
My doodle celebrates the history of the bike race, through a humoristic nod to the old illustration style, used in posters, when the bike race first started out. It greets the four host countries of 2022, with famous monuments in the background. And it celebrates all the fans in the streets, that makes Tour de France.
Colour usage: Tour de France yellow and Google logo colours combined into lettering, shirt colours and obstacles.
This GoogleDoodle was shared with Google’s Doodle team.


One of the first moments I went: How fun is putting life to my illustrations?!


We've all seen the bouncing ball, but a bouncy baloon-Maikie?


Illustrated this little dude and gave him some wave-warp
in AE.


A small animation I did for Julemærkefonden to test out style.


I particullarly like mixing handdrawn illustrations with animations. I think there is a reasson we love the old Disney animations. It itsn't polished and the grittyness gives life. 

Julemærkefonden is an NGO that helps strengthen kid's feeling of selfworth.

For the 2023 school start campaign, I created these small animations. It was important for me that the animations never became gimmicky. The aim was to tell the hurt that bullied kids feel everyday. As someone who was bullied myself, this was not just a job, but a passion project, that I was grateful to be a part of. 

The campaign outperformed previous campaigns.


A self-portrait, made for social, to explain my up-and-
coming journey: that, after a long struggle, I would finally
pursue my dream of becoming a designer!


Practicing more frame-by-frame in Procreate.