Colour Management

I studied Colour Management (yes with a spectrometer, raster, ISO and all that ball of fun), and the exams were to ..."publish scientific reports, that would give new knowledge and benefit the International Colour Management Society" (yes BOOM! - Is very accurate).

The 1st report researches energy saving lighting's quality and ability to rend colour. This is of great importance in terms of all sales of consumer goods; say your ketchup-red packaging all of the sudden looks brownish in new lighting. This might make your ketchup less attractive and provide less traction, and hence fewer sales.

The 2nd report researches how ISO-standards in print, can be used as a contractual agreement, when f.x. testing the difference between a test print and a final print, with the use of a spectronomer.

This method can be used to ensure the quality of colour rendering in all print.

As this report contains names, quotes and wasn't initially intended for the public, I haven't uploaded the full report here.  In case it has sparked interest and a more thorough (blacked out) read could benefit us both, contact me.


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